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Recommendations for people JUST starting photography!

So many people have asked me the question, “What camera should I buy?” My response use to be “What do you want to shoot?” …always answered with: kids, landscapes, sports, and ‘artys’ photography. The way I should respond is, “What is your budget? And are you looking to take up photography as a hobby?” I’m going to assume yes to the hobby question and write up some posts for different price brackets.

I’m recommending theĀ T3i now! Use to recommend the T2i because the price difference was not worth it. Well my recent search shows the same price (around $450 with a 18-55mm lens). T3i

I go back and forth between suggesting just the camera body and a kit. Today, I’m landing on suggesting the kit for two reasons. One, you will have a wide range of zoom and two, it has the same lenses I started with years ago!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens This puppy is simply a must have. Cheapest lens and one of the best! Keep in mind this is a fixed lens which means no zoom. If in the end you want ‘good lenses’ then this is the way to go as the kit lenses will be the first thing you replace.

Grab a SD card and you are on your way for under a grand.

Canon makes three 50mm the above one f/1.8, a top of the line L series f/1.2 version and an in-between f/1.4 which I currently shoot on and love!

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