Leavenworth Parks

  • Buffalo Bill Park
  • Riverfront park
  • Sportsman Field (only shoot when activities are going on)
    -Skate park (again, only when populated)
  • Wollman Aquatic Center

Downtown Businesses

  • Queens Pantry
  • Corner cafe (is that the one with the soda fountains?)
  • Artistic works by Lu
  • High noon saloon
  • Harbor Light Coffee House

Big Business

  • VA shots (need a list of ideas)
  • BoP (not sure how much we can shoot here, might need to call for permission)

Historical Museums

  • Carousel
  • Carrol Mansion
  • Carnegie Arts
  • Riverfront Community Players (possibly use some b-roll from Camelot’s play)

New Developments

  • Ground breaking 4th & Metro (happening in the summer)
  • New residential developments south

Key: Get people shopping, celebrating, having fun. Might have to help populate the scene.


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