Getting off green! A farewell to Full Auto.

Description: An introductory level mini-workshop for Digital SLR shooters

This class will help you understand and control the exposure and tone of your photography.  You, the photographer, will be in the driver seat of the creative process. So many new photographers know what they want out of the subject but struggle in getting the camera to cooperate.

Most people are accustomed to “point-and-shoots” where the camera does all the work. In the past few years, DSLRs have flooded the market giving a ton of control to new photographers. However, the learning curve is intimidating and new camera owners quickly get frustrated and switch to full auto.

If textbooks, manuals, and websites are not your learning styles, I’d suggest signing up for one of these mini-camps and start taking control back from the camera to become more of an artist!

First part of the day:  Fundamentals of photography composition; the rule of thirds; horizon lines; understanding the big three: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO; white balance; exposure compensation.

Putting it into action with a photowalk: In this section we will spend some time “hands on” showing how different settings affect the photograph. We will practice how to handle different environmental lighting issues.

The target length for the day is two and a half hours and the price is $50. Class sizes will be four to five attendees. Keeping the class size small allows me to adjust the content based on the skill level of the participants.

If you are interested in taking your DSLR skills to the next level, please email me to reserve a mini-workshop date.

4 thoughts on “Getting off green! A farewell to Full Auto.

    • Becky,
      Currently it is not online, but you are the 2nd or 3rd person to ask me this! I might consider drafting something up in the near future. Maybe a google+ hangout or something where everyone can see face to face!

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