Dance Studio Videography and Photography

Attention Dance Studios!

If you are looking for a new videographer AND/OR photographer to produce a professional grade product in a respectable turnaround time contact me! Traditionally I add one studio a year to ensure my turnaround times and quality do not suffer. This year my company 29 Pixel Studios, LLC made parents of six studios happy with photographs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays!

MemMate ExampleIf you need one camera angle or many I have the gear and crew. Fast turnaround times with DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Dual-Layer DVDs (for those recitals that run long) or Digital Distribution! I’m told every year that parents really appreciate my flexibility with photographic packages (allowing families to combine classes in one package for example).

Sometimes artwork is provided, however, in some cases clients have me creating the artwork for their recital. This is great for when I also do the photographs, memory mattes rock!


Another service is a highlight clip for advertising

Some studios bring me on to do full run commercials and client testimonials, like Mindy’s Dance Center in Lee’s Summit:

Regarding pricing, every studio is slightly different. I want to make your customers happy and if that involves you handling orders and distribution fantastic, if you want to be completely hands off, no problem there too! Either way you will get a review copy before the product goes out!

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  1. Hello!

    We would like to order a copy of the DVD of the Miami County Dance Movement Recital The Jungle Book, but we aren’t sure where to send the form/check.

    Thank you!

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