Six words you must ask the client

Nick Schale - 29 Pixel Studios -  Kansas City Videographer and PhotographerTrust me when I say, others value your work. They are calling to ‘kick the tires’ of your business. Maybe “How much do you charge for a wedding?” Obviously, they value you enough to ask the question… then you reply, $2,000. “OH MY!” Is their response. So, they did not value you that much.

Perhaps a client calls needing photography for a product shoot. Understanding that you are not trying to make a few people happy (Bride/groom/family) but the WHOLE WORLD love the photos and that these photos will add value to the company by increasing sales you value your time and talent accordingly.

If the use is not absolutely crystal clear, you as a photographer (or videographer) have to ask this simple question, “How will this work be used?”

In my contracts for family shoots, for example, it says the client cannot re-sale my work. Why? Well, think of how you would feel driving home on the interstate and seeing your artwork of two adorable children running through a field with, “Call Big Bank XYZ and invest in your children’s’ future!”

Wait a minute!? You were hired to do a family session! Not advertise so that a bank can increase profits!

You might be comfortable with your normal rate, I’m not here to judge, lord knows there are plenty of $500 wedding photographers. But I am here to tell you to remember the six words you must ask the client!

“How will this work be used?”

If you would like my company to ask you the question “How will this work be used?” Please feel free to visit my business 29 Pixel Studios and contact me today!

Who needs a Photographer or Videographer

They don’t need you – They need to want you.

Here’s the deal, no one really ‘needs’ photography or videography. This might explain the huge variance of acceptable prices. Mix that with the massive skill range and you have a bit of a mess.

Marketing videos, commercials, internal video products are things customers want. Wanting these products, not needing them hurts the overall budget. You have your prices and maybe a little wiggle room, but honestly there is always someone out there willing to do a project for pennies (and perhaps they are worth that, but the client doesn’t know). How do we freelancers handle this problem?

Most likely, they already want you, now they must feel like they NEED you!

The best way to accomplish this? ALWAYS produce quality work, stuff you are proud of. The word might spread, might not, but no negative words will. It’s on you to help influence the word getting around.

Perhaps after the client goes a different (cheaper/less experienced) option you politely thank them and a month later, ask how it went and maybe include a link to a product you recently completed suggesting, “Maybe we could work together in the future on something like this…”

Remember the kid coming right out of college is hungry. With all the latest tech wiz and do-dads, and worse for you, they are willing to work for very little to get their real world experience up.

Learn something new today! Polish your products!

Remind customers that they NEED you specifically.

2015 SEA LIFE Arizona – I love my job.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s a fun quote to toss around for entrepreneurs and there is some truth to it. Running your own business is a lot of work. Work hard, work smart, and strive to be the best then you will be lucky enough to land some amazing clients.

In 2013 I was asked to create an adoption video for a family looking to grow. In 2014, I aimed to give back, and out of those ‘give back projects’ my favorite was the Planet Comicon Free Cosplay Photography project. Last year I was honored to work with the fantastic crew at SEA LIFE Arizona to document the rescue of a young Green Sea Turtle named Cora. Kansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaKansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaCora was hit by a boat and rescued by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It was determined that this youngster was unreleasable to the wild. SEA LIFE Arizona stepped in to give her a permanent home where she will be cared for and serve as an ambassador for the endangered species.

The adventure started with a speedbump as United pulled us out of our boarding line to inform us that we cannot bring a Sea Turtle onboard for our return flight. The SEA LIFE employees had the federal documents and spent over an hour confirming and re-confirming that this was ok. Yet, here we were at hour one problem solving. I suggested, we could drive Cora back to Phoenix. I HAD THE MIX TAPES READY FOR A 27 HOUR ROUDTRIP! That being said, it was a last resort and we would search for better options.

Upon landing in Jacksonville, FL we immediately went to the Southwest booth and tried to get a week’s worth of approval in 12 hours. The next morning, we had the greenlight to fly with Southwest. While reviewing and editing the footage I will say there are at LEAST half a dozen high ranking Southwest employees shaking our hands with smiles. An amazing staff, an accommodating airline, and wherever I fly from now on, if Southwest has a route, they have my business. After we got the go ahead from Southwest, it was smooth sailing and Cora got home without a hitch!Kansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaIf you are in the Phoenix area, you can visit Cora in person. Swing into the theater room and I believe the video I produced is playing in a longer form story of her journey, but for now you can see the highlights here:

SEA LIFE Arizona Turtle Journey 2015We are so excited about our new sea turtle here at SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium! Not only can you now watch her journey, but you can also help name her through the following link

Posted by SEA LIFE Arizona on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

If you are looking for videography services to get your company’s message out there, contact me today! Visit my company’s webpage at to see more work. 2015 SEA LIFE Arizona – I love my job.

Mindy’s Dance Center Recital 2014

Dance recital highlight reel for Mindy’s Dance Center in Lee’s Summit, MO!
This amazing studio puts on three great recitals, pulling out all the stops they go the extra mile and bring in professional videographers (myself) AND a professional lighting crew… which the videographers ALWAYS love! Check out some of the action –

If you have a studio and are shopping around for a new Dance Recital Videographer or Photographer please contact me and I’d be happy to meet with you and talk about how 29 Pixel Studios, LLC can help you out!

SEA LIFE commercial

Very excited to share this commercial my company, 29 Pixel Studios, produced for SEA Life. This is the Arizona edition that will begin airing this week! Also in the pipeline are a Kansas City, Minneapolis and Dallas cut. Next up, global *smile* please enjoy:


Video production for the Plaza!

Produced a video for Highwoods Properties’ an internal quarterly meeting. The client wanted a polished highlight-reel/tenant testimonial blend. Everyone was very pleased with the end result!

This is a video production by my company 29 Pixel Studios, LLC and was brought to me by Highwood’s advertising company Trozzolo Communications Group. If you have any commercial needs, please feel free to contact me. Shot on C100 + 5D Mark III (a few clips were provided B-roll of buildings, shot on a 5D & 7D).