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The problem with ten year goals is that they are easy to make, set on the shelf and forget. The goal in my mind was to become a travel photographer. You remember these long term goals a couple years later and decide to take a couple steps closer to success. Then, back on the shelf it goes!

The next thing you know, you are making a blog post about your ten year goal and wonder, “When the heck did I start this goal?!”

Become a travel photographer is the goal.

I set the ten year time frame because I know how competitive that market is! Figure ten years to hone my craft should get me fairly close to consider myself a professional travel photographer.

Recently I came back from a trip to Iceland and trip was to focus purely on travel photography. At my company 29 Pixel Studios, we specialize in video production and also photography. To really focus on travel photography I didn’t even bring my video gear!

I have posted <here> on 29 Pixel Studios a little more info, but this is my personal website so I figure I’d share some personal insight here.

One challenge: “How am I to compete with Photographers that live within 10 miles of this location that can wait for the perfect day?!” Sitting at the most photographed place in Iceland I was disappointed because of the low flying clouds killing my composition.

The biggest challenge to become a travel photographer I foresee is, I have no CLEAR idea how to drive income!

A friend mentioned teaching on destination workshops. Which, I think is a great idea. I love teaching but not sure this will be my approach.

Stock photography is beyond saturated and while that option is not completely out, it’s an extreme form of passive income in every foreseeable future in travel photography.

The biggest goal is to eventually be good enough to just cover my travel expenses and break even. I put such a long timeline out there because I want this part of my life to be during / approaching retirement.

I’m open to suggestions on how to earn an income with travel photography so hit me up at

29 Pixel Studios goal; Become a travel photographer

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