Six words you must ask the client

Nick Schale - 29 Pixel Studios -  Kansas City Videographer and PhotographerTrust me when I say, others value your work. They are calling to ‘kick the tires’ of your business. Maybe “How much do you charge for a wedding?” Obviously, they value you enough to ask the question… then you reply, $2,000. “OH MY!” Is their response. So, they did not value you that much.

Perhaps a client calls needing photography for a product shoot. Understanding that you are not trying to make a few people happy (Bride/groom/family) but the WHOLE WORLD love the photos and that these photos will add value to the company by increasing sales you value your time and talent accordingly.

If the use is not absolutely crystal clear, you as a photographer (or videographer) have to ask this simple question, “How will this work be used?”

In my contracts for family shoots, for example, it says the client cannot re-sale my work. Why? Well, think of how you would feel driving home on the interstate and seeing your artwork of two adorable children running through a field with, “Call Big Bank XYZ and invest in your children’s’ future!”

Wait a minute!? You were hired to do a family session! Not advertise so that a bank can increase profits!

You might be comfortable with your normal rate, I’m not here to judge, lord knows there are plenty of $500 wedding photographers. But I am here to tell you to remember the six words you must ask the client!

“How will this work be used?”

If you would like my company to ask you the question “How will this work be used?” Please feel free to visit my business 29 Pixel Studios and contact me today!

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