Videography in Kansas City with 29 Pixel Studios

videography in Kansas City and photographyWhen you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Not cliché, it’s real. Here is a picture of me at a gig where the client is known by three letters. N.F.L. Yeah, my company 29 Pixel Studios was hired to do some videography in Kansas City for the Fuel Up to Play 60 event for the second year in a row!

Check out the article tomorrow here: 29 Pixel Studios!


One of my big projects for 2017 is going to be redoing my office. Since, you know, well I spend a lot of time there. However, as a freelance photographer and videographer in Kansas City, you get some pretty cool offices. This day, here is the view from my office.videography in kansas city

img_20160513_094755Shout out to CAME-TV and their fantastic light panels. Here is one of the two I brought with me. If you are looking for an affordable and professional solution. These have been in my arsenal for about a year now and I highly recommend them!!


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