Who needs a Photographer or Videographer

They don’t need you – They need to want you.

Here’s the deal, no one really ‘needs’ photography or videography. This might explain the huge variance of acceptable prices. Mix that with the massive skill range and you have a bit of a mess.

Marketing videos, commercials, internal video products are things customers want. Wanting these products, not needing them hurts the overall budget. You have your prices and maybe a little wiggle room, but honestly there is always someone out there willing to do a project for pennies (and perhaps they are worth that, but the client doesn’t know). How do we freelancers handle this problem?

Most likely, they already want you, now they must feel like they NEED you!

The best way to accomplish this? ALWAYS produce quality work, stuff you are proud of. The word might spread, might not, but no negative words will. It’s on you to help influence the word getting around.

Perhaps after the client goes a different (cheaper/less experienced) option you politely thank them and a month later, ask how it went and maybe include a link to a product you recently completed suggesting, “Maybe we could work together in the future on something like this…”

Remember the kid coming right out of college is hungry. With all the latest tech wiz and do-dads, and worse for you, they are willing to work for very little to get their real world experience up.

Learn something new today! Polish your products!

Remind customers that they NEED you specifically.

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