You can skip the Power of Habit

Book review for: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
If you generally have good habits and understand that habits can indeed change (be reprogrammed) you can skip this book. The first couple chapters are decent and the appendix is really good but there is a TON of fluff here, in my humble opinion. A large portion of the book is used to discuss how Target predicts who is shopping for what. Got it. So there are buying habits when a lady becomes pregnant. Nothing revolutionary here.

If you are struggling with habits it’s not going to tell you how to break them other than replace the reward. Example: drink too much? Your reward is feeling good, well… try a bell-pepper. Play too many video games, try a bell-pepper. A lot of stories about people relearning habits in situations where doctors thought impossible.

I’m certainly in the minority, given that I’ve heard a ton about this book and it’s fantastic Amazon rating.

Sorry 2 stars.

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