Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell.

This book is for any leader out there.

On my second family trip to Orlando we skipped Disney parks, having done the experience a year earlier we aimed at other attractions. That being said, we still swung by Disney Springs (formally Downtown Disney) for an evening. Every single level of staff working, all the way down to the kind gentleman sweeping the walkways were professional, polite, and maintaining the magic that is Disney.

How. How is it possible that EVERY SINGLE employee that we encountered *including the previous year when we stayed at a Disney resort* were so pleasant. I would love to take a guess at how many staff (cast-members) we encountered, and not a skipped beat.

This book lends some insight on the culture of Disney, and it’s not impossible tricks that only work in a multi-billion dollar organization. I plan on using some of this wisdom in my family life.

A lot of leadership books talk about “getting the right people on, and the wrong people off the bus” or ‘hire slow but fire fast.’ If you work for a governmental organization this is nearly impossible, sometimes taking years. In Creating Magic, the strategies apply even to the careers where letting people go is extremely difficult.

I’m not a fan of the podcast by Lee, and am very glad I read the book first and would like to read a book about the dark side of working at Disney (I’m sure one exists) but personally, *I* didn’t experience it.

This book describes how they created the most magical place on Earth.



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