Jonny Hackett

I would like to take some time to acknowledge my favorite photographer of 2015. Jonny Hackett’s work is so much fun to admire. Jonny Hackett is the man behind No. 9 Photography and I strongly recommend visiting/liking his Facebook page: (his ‘official’ website can be found here

I met Jonny when doing my ‘giving back’ project ( at the 2014 Planet Comicon and at that time his stuff was good, really good. But following him throughout 2015, you see his work go from really good to flat out awe-inspiring. His work keeps my jaw on the ground and continues to inspire. If I could use two words which describe Jonny, they would be talented and humble.

Great work in 2015 Jonny, seeing where you came from and the path you have taken has me pumped for what you will accomplish in 2016. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better photographer!

Of all the photographs I have seen and studied, from ALL photographers… this is my Favorite Photograph of 2015:

I’ve been looking forward to doing a shoot with a fire performer for such a long time now and it was well worth the…

Posted by No. 9 Photography on Saturday, 30 May 2015

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