Business Practices

Every new year one of my business practices is to improve my accounting system. For reference I’m the only full time employee in my business. This spreadsheet is exactly what I’ll use in 2016 and thought I’d strip out my personal finances and share. The numbers included are just placeholder text. Get your copy to modify here: business practices income expense recording

I will highlight the rows once the money has exchanged hands. For me, the expenses stay on top and I highlight the row (A-E columns) and change them to blue once paid. For clients and income (A-E columns) I highlight gray once they have been fully collected.

You might not need this much info; you might need more. Once your business practices become habit your year-end freelance finances will be much easier than they were last week *wink*.

Also note a busy month FOR ME might include 10-15 invoices. That being said, if you have more, maybe check out FreshBooks or intuit. For me, these business practices have worked fantastically. My accountant likes to fluff my ego and tells me I’m one of the most organized clients he has.

Again this is the business practice of my company 29 Pixel Studios.

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