2015 SEA LIFE Arizona – I love my job.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s a fun quote to toss around for entrepreneurs and there is some truth to it. Running your own business is a lot of work. Work hard, work smart, and strive to be the best then you will be lucky enough to land some amazing clients.

In 2013 I was asked to create an adoption video for a family looking to grow. In 2014, I aimed to give back, and out of those ‘give back projects’ my favorite was the Planet Comicon Free Cosplay Photography project. Last year I was honored to work with the fantastic crew at SEA LIFE Arizona to document the rescue of a young Green Sea Turtle named Cora. Kansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaKansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaCora was hit by a boat and rescued by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It was determined that this youngster was unreleasable to the wild. SEA LIFE Arizona stepped in to give her a permanent home where she will be cared for and serve as an ambassador for the endangered species.

The adventure started with a speedbump as United pulled us out of our boarding line to inform us that we cannot bring a Sea Turtle onboard for our return flight. The SEA LIFE employees had the federal documents and spent over an hour confirming and re-confirming that this was ok. Yet, here we were at hour one problem solving. I suggested, we could drive Cora back to Phoenix. I HAD THE MIX TAPES READY FOR A 27 HOUR ROUDTRIP! That being said, it was a last resort and we would search for better options.

Upon landing in Jacksonville, FL we immediately went to the Southwest booth and tried to get a week’s worth of approval in 12 hours. The next morning, we had the greenlight to fly with Southwest. While reviewing and editing the footage I will say there are at LEAST half a dozen high ranking Southwest employees shaking our hands with smiles. An amazing staff, an accommodating airline, and wherever I fly from now on, if Southwest has a route, they have my business. After we got the go ahead from Southwest, it was smooth sailing and Cora got home without a hitch!Kansas City Photographer Videographer creates Video Project for SEA Life ArizonaIf you are in the Phoenix area, you can visit Cora in person. Swing into the theater room and I believe the video I produced is playing in a longer form story of her journey, but for now you can see the highlights here:

SEA LIFE Arizona Turtle Journey 2015We are so excited about our new sea turtle here at SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium! Not only can you now watch her journey, but you can also help name her through the following link goo.gl/forms/b9dJXIBwwZ

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