Anndrina + Michael Wedding Photography

We were blessed with a VERY beautiful day in the middle of June to shoot this wedding. Temp didn’t get above 80 and there was cloud cover! To top it all off, we were photographing this wedding in my hometown Leavenworth, KS! When we got to JW Cancers for the reception I was delighted to see JF Productions was our DJ!

Jeremiah and I have worked a handful of weddings together (highly recommended btw) and when we had a minute to ‘talk shop’ I made a comment about the hours I spend in Photoshop making my ‘signature’ shots. While looking at a quick preview on my camera he so politely said, “Why would you even need to open this in Photoshop?!” That is a huge complement… and while I could have delivered the photo straight out of camera, I thought I’d share a little of my post production work.Leavenworth wedding photographyAnother example is taking this wedding dress shot taken by my assistant, Ali (who does great work!), and taking what was already a fantastic shot and putting the effort into creating one of my signature pieces.

Wedding dress shot in Leavenworth, ks post production from a raw photo to a mastered shot.There is a small glimpse into my world of wedding photography AFTER the big day! Most vendor’s the work is done when the guest leave the reception… for me, it’s just the beginning! For a larger sneak peek of this wedding please visit (and like!) my Facebook page!


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