The art of storytelling starts early.

Last week I was one of the local ‘celebrities’ to read to a Bradley Elementary class. My sister is the teacher and I figured they were hard up for readers since they were asking me. I film all their recitals as a volunteer service and the DVDs are duplicated at no charge so the kids *might* know who I am.

At the beginning of the event, all of the speakers introduced themselves, told what book they were reading and to which class. This was done in front of the entire school. Not a problem for me, until the ex-Kansas City Royal introduced himself. Great, now I’m just the photographer guy. Then the coach at St. Mary’s, then the owner of Play Bounce Jump (the mecca for kids in the area). So, to try and keep the energy going I pulled power from the good ol’ George Lucas.


I was reading a Star Wars book. Throwing in “for all the STAR WARS LOVERS” into my spiel turned out to give me some cred.

The art of storytelling is what drives me in this business. Whether it’s the story of your wedding day, the story of your dance studio or just reading to kids. It’s a passion worth pursuing.

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