Quick book review: Focus on Lighting Photos

Focus on Lighting Photos by Fil Hunter and Robin Reid, part of the focus on the fundamentals series.

What a gem of a book. For those who have the basics of photography down and are ready to move up from the “I’m a natural light photographer” this is the best book to hold your hand in the process. I love shooting off camera flash… I consider the Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites to be THE book for people wanting to hone their skills. But just like all things in photography there are MANY levels to understanding your flash. I am going to highly recommend Focus On Lighting Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals (Focus On Series) as a first read.

It’s a quick read with crystal clear language. I will be looking for more advanced books by the authors because their ability to not deviate from the SUBJECT OF THE BOOK is fantastic. **so many books try to cover too much and go down too many different paths they get muddled. This is not the case here, bravo!

I picked up some pretty cool tips that I’ll be sharing with my entry level photography students! 5 stars!

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