the fellas

the fellas is a photograph taken at Fidel's Cigar Shop in Kansas City, MO 64111. The groom heard about a photo I was part of in a previous wedding and wanted to take aspects from that and add to it by putting the setting in the cigar shop. Major thank you to Scott at Fidel's for being so extremely kind.

Occasionally a bride or groom has an idea of a shot that they want to try.

For this wedding I was hired by Shades of Gray to lead, Briana was already booked for the wedding day so she asked me to lead the shoot. We all met months before the wedding and had a great time talking about Nick + Lea, Shades of Gray and my work.

Part of the conversation was about setting up/posing for my signature shots. As an example I talked about a previous shot which had a Goodfellas style and Nick lovFidel's cigar shoped that idea. Nick suggested Fidel’s Cigar shop in Westport Kansas City, MO for the setting.  I called them to make sure everything would be cool. Talked with Scott and wanted to become a smoker myself. Such a great guy and fantastic shop.

When talking about the concept I did not realize there were going to be thirteen people in the shot! Logistics instantly became an issue. Thankfully a few customers were very cooperative in letting us take over the store for a minute. I decided illuminating the wall behind me would be the best option for the room. Had a second flash being held by an assistant firing as well.

Overall very happy with how this shot turned out and more importantly the groom was a big fan!


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