Camcord Recommendations

“Nick, can you recommend a video camera or camcorder? Thanks!”
– Get this question a lot so I figured I’d whip up a blog post about it.

All in one solution. Price ~$515

If I were in the market for a consumer level camera, I’d probably choose the Sony HDRPJ260V High Definition. For the price it has some pretty slick features. The reviews on Amazon are very informative so I won’t double efforts there. Considering picking up one for myself! *also because its so dirt cheap: SanDisk Extreme 32GB Card

Movin’ on up solution. Price ~$1,220

The Canon VIXIA HF G10 Full HD Camcorder with HD CMOS Pro and 32GB Internal Flash Memory. If I am reading this correctly you can expand the memory even though it says 32GB Flash Memory internal (like a HDD). If you can expand it, this looks like a nice piece of hardware, mainly because of the large sensor size 1/3inch is big for a consumer camera (most are 1/6th).

The artist solution. DSLRs price $700 – 3,500

Huge range here because there are so many options that do different things. Then mix in lenses and it gets crazy. Important things to note; Audio will be garbage, lens quality is MUCH more important than having the latest camera body and will actually hold value (so put the money there), it is not super user friendly like the above options will be.

The PRO solution. Sony PMW-EX1R Professional Camcorder~$7,000

This has been my work horse for years. LOVE this machine. There are many pro cameras out there, but I have extensive experience with this one and have been very pleased.

The indie film maker ~$15,000-20,000

Scarlet. Period.

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  1. Very informative, thanks for posting. Watched a few of your videos and appreciate your opinion on the different camcorders.

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