DSLR mini boot camp review

A couple weeks ago I taught my first DSLR mini-boot camp. It was geared towards new DSLR owners and getting new photographers off full auto. I am calling the class Getting Off Green! A farewell to Full Auto.

The class was a success and will become one of my services offered. I’ll be capping the size of the group at five people so I can keep it personable and tailor the class to fit the attendee’s skill level and needs.

We met for about 15-30 minutes and discussed terminology and the fundamental three components that create a photograph. Then we talked about taking control of those components by everyone taking photos, adjusting one element and seeing the difference. (A lot of “ah-HA”s during this!)

Once our photographers were ready to put the new knowledge into action, we did a mini photo walk. We discussed key elements to light and how to compensate for environmental conditions.

Some people can learn by reading books, blogs, magazines but I believe a majority of the people get the most from learning in small groups, hands on, with a teacher. It was a pleasure to teach this group and I look forward to the next class of Getting Off Green! A farewell to Full Auto.

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