Jodi and William Wedding (reception) Photography

I was honored to be the wedding photographer for Jodi and William’s wedding reception held in Northeastern Missouri. Jodi had a great idea: re-creating a photo of her grandparents had taken on a bridge. We unfortunately didn’t have the exact bridge but William found a very suitable match while scouting the area. Since the couple is from San Francisco, they took a picture of the picture and emailed it to me; I instantly thought this was going to be a pleasure.

On the day of the event we made the bridge photo a priority… with a copy of the original photo on my phone held up, we repositioned Jodi and William, a little here and a little there. “Jodi don’t smile” Click.Wedding Photograph re-created!

Both the newlywed couple and I were very pleased with the final product! Oh, and we also took some photos for their grandchildren to recreate. Enjoy!

Wedding Photograph Samples from Jodi and William's reception!



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